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It is possible to change just needs determination, desire and patience

Interview with one of the founders of the "28 Cinema», well-known top manager Rufat Abbasov.

As we know, you have 10 years of experience in professional journalism. How have you been accepted in your professional journalists’ field?

- Since 2006, I started working in Azercell. I can say that I do not have any journalistic activities for almost 8 years. Since that time, in fact I have not written a single article. I started working in the local media at a very young age. For four years I worked with the «Reuters», and even I was their youngest journalist. Let me remind you that by working in the foreign media, I continued to work with the local media.

Of course, before I did not know, everything was decided in due course. I cannot say how I was known, but I'm happy to do the work at every stage of my career. For me it is very important to do with my work.

I note that this factor also played a significant role in my retirement from journalism. I thought that this area is no longer interesting, and began to get involved in PR, communication, marketing. After I worked in the private sector, I have decided that I should try my chance in public sphere. To work at the bureaucrat environment was totally different experience for me. After a 4-year partnership with the Central Bank, I decided it was time to build my own business.

In other words, this decision contributed to the pursuit of development?

- Of course, among these factors was the pursuit of development, change. I had to see and feel the results of my work. These factors I have manifested stronger than the other factors.

By controlling the "28 Cinema» you achieve better results than in the Central Bank?

- First of all I would like to note that the "28 Cinema» - result of hard work of our team headed by me and my business partner. We worked on this project for one year and even managed the construction process. As a result, "28 Cinema» formed in the premium area of ​​the Azerbaijani cinema, new standards have contributed to the development of the market for its active marketing policy.

The success of each person has a share of patience. As we know, many people are impatient - did not want to study it is one thing to the end, put an end to his career because of a simple failure. Rufat, do you think, what proportion of patience in the success achieved by you?

- Patience is important in every case, but it should be within certain limits. One of my former colleagues said: "Sit down and wait by the river as long as the body is not your enemy swims along the river." I think, waiting so long is a waste of time. I am a person who seeks a rapid result. Therefore, patience, and I - are incompatible.

In one of your interviews you said that the idea to open the theater was offered you by someone, but you're a little hesitant. How did you manage to convince yourself and your partners that this project can be successful?

- At that time I had a PR-company offering consulting services. The company continues its activities today. Parallel to this, I thought to take advantage of the boom in commercial and open the conservative and low-budget cafe. Once, during one of my business trips with a friend, we decided to go to the cinema. And then my friend who was a bit ambitious me, offered to open a movie theater.

He said that the market in Azerbaijan virtually empty, and we can fill that void. I hesitated for a long time wondered, then decided it was worth a try. I note that we have begun with myself - worked on myself, attended training courses abroad and consulted with professionals of this case. We have developed ourselves professionally, and then started the project. I note that last year December 17, we celebrated 2 years.

How many hours a day do you sleep and whether to ponder how to grow your business even at your leisure?

- As you know, it is necessary for healthy sleep 8 hours but I sleep about 5-6 hours. On weekdays, I can have a lot of work, and I try to sleep less. Sometimes I work until 3-4 nights. I think the work of the night is more fruitful. And on weekends I sleep more and compensate fatigue resulting from working days. It is important to keep a balance between business and personal life. I have found this balance.

What for you is crucial in dealing with clients?

- For us it is important to have a customer satisfaction. We try to accommodate the interests of customers, even with any minor changes. Film business - a sector that provides services. It is very often change workers, and so we regularly hold training sessions for new employees. There are also times when customers are not satisfied. No one can say that my company meets customer needs by 100%.

For example, earlier in Azerbaijan there was no modern cinemas, and customers complained about the lack of parking, long queues outside banks, small rooms and uncomfortable chairs, etc. Now Azerbaijan has a new modern movie theater with a large foyer, 6 bureau serving imported from abroad, popcorn, etc. Customers got used to it and now want to innovations. I think in the movie business need to work hard. You must not stop on a work, innovate.

You are well aware that some time ago in Azerbaijan Cinema were not so developed. Available cinemas in the country could be counted on the fingers. However, the situation has changed in the country, their number has increased. Along with this, at present, it can be said almost no regions in cinemas. Rufat Bey, do you think, how to target businesses for the opening of cinemas in the regions?

- We have plans to increase business and expand its activities, where we will see a new potential. For example, in Ganja, Sumgait, Nakhichevan and other cities. As you know, in Nakhichevan, a cinema, they cooperate with us. They buy and broadcast our films and not bad enough to earn it.

What can contribute to the expansion of the network of cinemas in the development of national cinema? Do cinemas interested in financing the national cinema?

- Of course, we are interested in it and provide support. If before the film's budget was formed only at the expense of funds received from the state, but now this trend is gradually eroding. These films sold on DVD - drives without a license. Channels broadcast them free. Recently it entered the market three new films.

At the beginning of this year there will be new movies, and we will continue to cooperate. Tickets for local films sold out really well. Movies «My name is İntigam» and «Xoxan» achieved a great success that shows the potential of local films. The main point is to attract the masses.

What do you do in addition to the business of life? What are your interests and hobbies?

- I do not have any special hobbies. I love sport. One of my new hobbies - skiing. And, for me, a good time is a trip to the cinema.

Are these projects connected with the movie business?

- Projects on which I'm working, are more concerned with entrepreneurs. But the movie I do not lose sight of. We set a goal to invest in new commercial films, to expand its activities in the field of film distribution.

You 30 years. In younger ages you have made enormous strides. What is the secret of your success? What factors inspire you to develop?

- An English writer says: "The only barrier between you and your goal are the same excuses invented by you that you always bring in his own defense." This is indeed the case, if you have a purpose, then nothing will prevent you to achieve it. The man has a natural talent. You need to constantly work on themselves to achieve their goals.

Those cited as reasons for the financial problems should be aware that the 21st century is the age of technology. I have family members and friends always say if there is something you do not know, look it in the google, there is an answer to any question. To change, we must persevere, will, desire and patience.

Rufat Abbasov, do you believe in God?

- Yes I believe you.

Let's talk about your personal life. What kind of women do you like? What are the parameters and characteristics you must possess in order to become a woman Rufat Abbasov?

- Smart, respecting the traditions and customs, the one with which I will have common values. Not so it is important that our views coincide in all, I love both to have the controversy and debate.

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